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Strong foundation

Passion for excellence


My son, Warrick Heng Zhi Xiang, started at Tadika Melodi Riang (Desaria) in Dec 2011. He is 6 years old now.He loves going to Melody Kindyland Desaria and learning new things, which allows him to build a strong foundation for enthusiasm in his education. He also loves the outdoor activities and day trips as well. The quality of care and education that my child receives is way beyond our expectation.The curriculum is carefully designed and varies from week to week. The teachers are always pleasant, friendly and understanding. They create a
positive environment for the kids. We always feel very comfortable talking to them about anything that comes to mind, and they are attentive to our feedback as well. We are so grateful and feel confident that we have a safe and loving
space for my child. We never hesitate when we drop our kid off in the morning, and he is always playing happily when we pick him up in the evening. We give this place thumbs up !!!

Warrick's Parent

Parents of Melody Riang