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Professional Teaching Skills


I have two boys, Donovan and Jerone. My elder son Donovan was with Melody Tanjung Bungah a few years back. Now the younger Jerone is there. I chose Melody again for Jerone because of the past pleasant experience and satisfaction.
As a parent, I like this school a lot. The teachers and principal are very helpful and cheerful.The professional teaching skills and guidance together with a good syllabus has prepared Donovan well for primary school. His foundation was set at Melody, not only in his studies, but together with kindness and care. And he is still taking them with him through these years as a top rank student in primary now.
For my younger one who is in Melody now, I had a very hard time leaving him. He was very attached to me. With the teachers’ and principal’s toleration and help, Jerone and I got through it. He is happy to be in school now. Every day, I will be amazed by his new knowledge and ability to be independent. His manners also better polished. He talks more to me about school and friends.
I am glad to have this chance to thank all the teachers who were with Donovan and now with Jerone.
My family and I are grateful to be able to be with Melody through these years. And thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Nangy & Teo Family

Parents of Melody Tanjung Bungah