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Well rounded & balance education


Dear all the teachers in the Tadika Melodi Jelutong, especially Ms. Ko,
I would like to express my gratitude & appreciation towards your guidance for my son. Goh Shawn Rui.
Before sending my son to your kindergarten, he rejected the potty for the past one year. We tried so hard to convince him to use the potty, but in vain, I was shocked when my son asked for a potty after joining your kindergarten just after two weeks. Besides that, he was also able to sleep without a pacifier and drinking milk without the milk bottle in the school which I think is amazing.
Now, he is able to read A to Z, which I confirmed he knew each letter by not memorizing them but by knowing & understanding them, even when I asked him to read randomly. He also learns how to behave himself, listens and follows some simple instructions.
Recently, I was so surprised that he asked for meat, vegetable, fish, prawn for his dinner without even forcing him. As compared to before, he only takes plain rice with soup.
I am not able to express all his improvement here. But I feel very satisfied with the achievement that my 3-year old son has shown. I hope to send my younger son to this school as soon as possible. By sending my son to Tadika Melodi Jelutong, I can put 100% concentration on my work.
Therefore, I will have no hesitation in recommending Tadika Melodi Jelutong to those parents who are looking for well-rounded, balanced programmes with lovely staff in a community-based setting.
Last but not least, I would like to thank Tadika Melodi Jelutong for all the effort they put on my son.

Mother of Goh Shawn Rui

Parents of Melody Jelutong