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Touching Story

A letter from age of 9 boy


My name is Donovan Teo.
I am in Standard 3 now.
When I was with Melody Kindyland,
I had fun and played.
I sang and danced.
I laughed and laughed.
I like Miss Merlyn
She is fierce but funny
She is kind and lovely
She hugs me and she squeezes me
She gives treats and she eats sweetsssss.
She tells stories and she plays games
How do I wish I can play and play.
I like Melody
It’s a very nice place to be.
This is my best poem
It is all about me and Melody
My mother begged me to write this
She forced me to type this out
Saying that my hand writing is way too out
I hope you can see clearly now
And enjoy this as much as me with a big WOW!!!

Donovan Teo Jay Hang

Previous Students in Melody