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Encourage & Confidence Education


Leaderland is a nursery/ kindergarten that is different from all those that my family and I have been to, while searching for the right one for our children. It is a place of love, learning, and educates children on public speaking. What makes it stand out is that the methods of learning does not give pressure to the children, but in fact encourages and teaches them to have the confidence to speak out and express themselves. When we first started, my eldest was having 'separation anxiety' (emotional distress when away from parents) a term I learnt from the esteemed principal Coach Ann, which meant that young children will cry and hang on to their parents, in the mornings but happily going home and saying that they will come to school again next day. As we were about to give up, Coach Ann, stepped in to advise us to persevere and when we did, and gave my child a longer time to adjust, she was fine. Coach Ann and the teachers gave us the confidence to let them educate our children in the school and I am very happy to see my children happily going to school now.

Mrs Lam

Parents of Leaderland