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Principal Of Melody Bay Avenue



  • It is the passion that leads me here as an early childhood educator!  I have been involved in the education line since I was 18 years old.  Started as a secondary school teacher, I found early childhood education is the foundation for all, as the Chinese proverb goes “the child is the father of man. ”In Year 2006, my dream came true.  I was offered to be a Leadership Coach in Leaderland.  This experience gave me an advantage in leading my own center to further development.  The longer I work with Melodians, the more I fall in love with them.  The six core values , which are Love, Truth, Growth, Creativity, Teamwork & Passion for Excellence, has shaped me up to be a better person, not just as a principal but also a good citizen, a wife, a friend, a daughter…I believe, education is to give a key to the student to unlock his talent.  My teachers and I always focus on developing the talents of students to excellence, helping them to find the joy of learning and become leaders of service.  We, teachers, as role models are living out an environment where children learn to love and love to learn. Among my colleagues, I always play the role of listener.  Love makes us a family.  We always move on together, learn together and share weal and woe together.  We are just like a big family that is living together with all the young leaders.  Education is not how we teach, but how we live! And I do always share with my teachers, this is a platform for them to discover their unleashed potential!

Education Background

  • Bachelor of Art, English Literature, National Chengchi University Taiwan
  •  Certified Drama & acting, Music & movement trainer
  • Principal of Melody Bay Avenue, 2011 –
  • Assistant Principal, Leaderland Kindyland  2009-2011
  •  8 years of experience in Leadership Training & Public speaking
  •  Founder of Children Speechmasters, 2008 –
  •  Coach, Life Programme 2014

My value of life

I enjoy being so “REAL” – Role model, Educate, Accept, Love, as an educator!

Michelle Khoo