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Principal of Melody Balik Pulau



  • With 10 years of experience in teaching and training, I know what makes a great learning experience. I take a personal interest in working closely with children to ensure every child is practical and participative.
  • I specialize in training modern business Team Building, Musical Performances, Public speaking, creative art and computing in IT. I put a lot of passion and energy into my work to make sure every child / trainee is entertained, practical and informative. I am also a motivational keynote speaker at Youth Motivation Camps.
  • Achievement gets the attention , Personality gets the heart.
  • Teaching is one of the most important jobs in our society, as educators play a crucial role in helping to influence children and shape their lives; yet teaching remains a very challenging job, often receiving low compensation. As such, teachers who commit themselves to the field often hold specific values that motivate and drive them to dedicate their lives to others.

Education Background

  • Bachelor of Science with 2nd (Hons) in Computing, Staffshire University. UK.
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Nationwide Youth Motivation Speaker since 2010
  • Certificate of Sensory Integration, 2012
  • ¬†Club President of Toastmaster Super Star 2012

My value of life

Education is not preparation of life ; education is life itself.

Joshua Chan