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Founder of Batu Uban & Jelutong Indah ~ Amanda Khoo

Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) of McCann University



  • I have been into Education Industry for 29 years, and deeply understand the meaning of to have pupils in everywhere. Nonetheless, my passion towards education is growing day by day.•My mission towards early childhood education is to shower love and responsibility. • I work for love, love is my motivator. • I strive for responsibility, because responsibility is the mission. • I dare to discover the children – Discover the uniqueness of characteristic and personality in each child to enable the children to learn via work, learn via action to bring up the effectiveness of learning. • I am glad to respect the children – To bring forward a harmonious society and peaceful world through love. • I am good in complimenting the children – To fill the classroom  with live, praises and cheers that can encourage learning. My yardstick towards early childhood education’s success is to develop children to be self-responsible and sociable. In future, I will devote to build a team with high-growth ability (accumulated experience + self-evaluation), solely because:                                               Teach  = Teaching pursue the value of life.                              Educate = Educating people – the desire of convincing life.
  • I am willing to use my entire effort and time to contribute towards this great and sacred career.

Education Background

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My value of life

The secret in education lives in respecting the student

Amanda Khoo